• Pet Gallery 1
    Pet Portraits in pastel by Artist Sherry Haaland shows dog portraits, cat portraits, created from clients photographs
  • Pet Gallery 2
    Pet Portraits by Pastel Artist Sherry Haaland. Custom pet portraits made from your photos
  • Pet Gallery 3
  • People Portraits
    Pastel portraits by artist Sherry Haaland. Pet portraits are my specialty but enjoy doing people portraits as well
  • Still Lifes
    Pastel Paintings by Artist Sherry Haaland, a small sample of some of my Still Lifes pastel paintings. Some are for sale and most are beautifully framed.
  • Landscapes
    Pastel paintings by Artist Sherry Haaland. Please view my Landscape Pastel Paintings along with my Pet Portraits.
  • Landscapes 2
    Pastel Paintings by Artist Sherry Haaland this is my Landscape pastel painting gallery please also view my Pet Portraits.